-   ABOUT US  -

Bare Masala is a family owned and operated business. We thought of many names before chosing Bare Masala and decided  this best described what  we offer. Bare meaning natural and Masala meaning spice. So in essence what we offer you are Natural Spices.

Our spices are locally sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs and certified organic by Oregon Tilth

We can fulfill your culinary spice needs whether you are a novice cook or an expert chef. We invite you to tantilize your taste buds with our natural spice blends and get rid of the added nonsense from commercial blends.

Bare Masala blends are artisan crafted in our kitchen.



Bare Masala not your ordinary spice experience

Bare Masala

Inspiring Cooks with our Extraordinary Blends!

Offering Spice Blends since 2014