What sounds and smells does your kitchen make?

Last night as I was preparing dinner, I noticed the sounds my kitchen makes as I cook.

The first sound it makes is the refrigerator door opening and closing as I assemble my ingredients, then comes the sound of rinsing and chopping all of my beautiful vegetables.

The olive oil has heated up and the vegetables sizzle as I carefully side them from the cutting board to the skillet. The first round of seasoning goes in and the smell of spices wafts through the air.

As the vegetables begin to cook I rinse off the cutting board and notice the sounds of running water, sizzling vegetables and the continuing aroma of the spices.

Finally, the meal is on "simmer until done" and I notice there is no sound in my kitchen. Only the sight of a lovely dinner and the smell of spice blends in the air.

When you cook, does your kitchen sound like an 80's heavy metal band or a symphony?

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